How to Pack an NYC Apartment to Prepare for a Move

So you want to pack your apartment and prepare for a move in New York City without going insane? It’s tricky but doable and we’re here to help you out with that. But before we explore some tips, you need to take two things to heart:

  • First is accepting that you live in the Big Apple where everything is a beautiful mess. This isn’t the Midwest where life can slow down to a snail’s pace. You live in New York City where things are chaotic and everyone is moving fast, which means you need to be super-efficient with your move.
  • Second is accepting that you will not be able to this by yourself. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze so why risk carrying that mattress down a flight of stairs just to save a few dollars? It’s best to get the services of professional movers who know what they’re doing so you can just sit back and let these people do all the heavy lifting.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you’re packing your apartment and preparing for a move in New York City:

1) Carefully plan your move date

When planning an NYC move, it always recommended that you do it on a weekend. However, weekends don’t always line up with the first of the month, which is when leases typically start. To get this sorted out, you should talk to both landlords regarding move-in and move-out dates and try to make the move before or even after the first of the month.

Talk to both landlords regarding move-in and move-out dates.

2) Be wary of your belongings

Moving helps you realize just how much stuff you have and offers you an opportunity to trim it down. The fact is: unless you’re moving into a spacious apartment, you won’t be able to fit all your belongings into your new abode. So take the time to take inventory and donate or sell the things that you no longer need.

Another important thing you should do long before moving day is to go to your new apartment and measure the dimensions. You should also measure how wide are the hallways and the staircase. This is crucial, as your couch might not fit into the hallway or even into your new living room. It’s better to know before the move than during the middle of trying to unload the moving truck.

Moving is a great opportunity to pare down your household items.

3) Get professional movers

Moving is a stressful process and the last thing you want is a strained back or a pulled hamstring. Sure, you may save a few bucks but we reckon it’s just not worth the trouble. There are plenty of efficient and affordable movers in New York City that can help you move without breaking your wallet. If you don’t have a lot of items, some companies can work with just a day’s notice. However, for larger moves, you’ll have to take your time talking to several moving companies to see which one will serve your purpose and budget best. Lastly, here’s a pro tip: movers usually charge more if your floor is located on a higher floor.

There are plenty of efficient and affordable movers in New York City that can help you move without breaking your wallet.

4) Be prepared when packing

Packing years’ worth of belongings in a day isn’t the best idea. You should start the process months in advance to avoid cramming. As with anything, the packing will go a lot smoother if you have everything you need. This includes:

  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Box cutter
  • Sharpies for labeling
  • Trash bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Some cash to tip the movers

5) Be mindful of New York City’s rules for curb junk

New York City’s Department of Sanitation takes an insane amount of junk from the curb ranging from couches, tables, beds, mattresses, and rugs. However, there are still some rules you should abide by when disposing of the trash. For example, throwing your electronics with your regular garbage is a no-no. This includes items such as television sets, computer monitors, printers, CPUs, and similar things. You should also make sure that your mattress is sealed in a mattress bag when you’re throwing it away. This is an anti-bug measure imposed by the city. Failing to abide by said rules will result in a fine.

6) Rent or borrow a car on moving day

Having a car in New York City is generally frowned upon. However, moving day is a rare occasion when having a vehicle of your own is a luxury. You can try to hitch a ride with the moving company to your new place but the chance of the movers allowing that is slim to none. You may take public transportation, but we have reservations about how comfortable that trip is going to be with all the bags you’ll have with you.

Having a vehicle will allow you to bring all your personal belongings (that aren’t on the moving truck) in one comfy ride. If you don’t have one, you can try to borrow one from a friend or ask them to drive you to your new place. If not, you should consider renting one just for moving day.

Moving day is a rare occasion where having a vehicle of your own is a luxury.

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